About us

Made for Wine is the online showroom offering high-quality wine maps.
We're passionate about creating inspiring wine related content and empowering our customers around the world to embark on their wine journey.
Our mission is to increase your enjoyment and understanding of the world's most famous wines. That's why we've collaborated with leading cartographers, designers, and local authorities to create beautiful posters for your home.
Meet Emilė, Made for Wine’s Founder
I am a wine enthusiast who’s embarked on a continuous journey to master the art of wines.
I have a huge love and respect for terroir and the wine-making traditions. My goal is to simplify the complex world of wine, introduce you to some fascinating facts about different wine countries, and allow you to enjoy an array of drinks at ease. With a little bit of wine knowledge, wine tasting can be a pleasurable and fulfilling exploration!
Drawing inspiration from art, travel, European cuisines, Italian design and the French elegance, I carefully research and develop educational posters down to every last detail. With our Made for Wine maps, wine tasting is full of discovery, curiosity and fun.
I hope that our wine maps will inspire you and your guests, spark great conversations at your dinner table, and help you create homes which make people feel elegant and cherished.
With love,